Margaret Neal, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Helping Children and Their Parents

Does your preschooler drive you crazy? Have you tried everything to get him to mind, but nothing works? Does she always start whining or throwing a tantrum just when you can't take one more thing? Have you recently gotten a call from his school or daycare because he pushed another child?

I work with children and their parents. I can teach you skills and techniques to use so that your child will be able to get along better with others and listen to you. Usually the parents I meet are doing most of the "right" things with their children. However, a few adjustments to what you are doing can bring results that will allow you to feel less frustration and enjoy your children more.

Does your child have special needs? ADHD? Down Syndrome? Illness? Are you facing the shock and pain of learning of your child's diagnosis? I can help you navigate the strong emotions, the on-going questions and the day-to-day issues. Call me for a free phone consultation.


Margaret Neal, LCSW
Margaret Neal
Services for children and their parents - Margaret Neal, LCSW
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Margaret W. Neal, LCSW
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